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Learned this the hard way. The person I was talking with never heard one word I said, just repeated the same inaccurate information over and over. In short, save your time and breath. Don't confuse them with facts, their minds are made up.

WTF? When did Jesus ever call for a central government controlling everyone and everything? The stupidity and ignorance of these people knows no limits.

Remind me where Jesus instructed the government instead of individuals?

Politicians giving trophies to cronies like hollywood gives awards to actors all inside jobs!

Manny, Moe, and why didn't Jack aka Kerri get his participation medal Obumer?


My grandmother told me the "half moon" meant that these were for "feminine" use. Real Men just use great outdoors. Confused people kept quiet.

Typical liberal idiot

“ Trump's taxes are more important than 6 billion emails,& 4 lives lost by Hillary”

What a dumb shit.

I would like to see her go to Saudi Arabia and tell them that. )) "We can prevent rape by telling men not to commit it.

There's 2 different kinds of Science, real and agency sponsored. The above is agency sponsored, this is Fake science