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Bow Tie

How to Tie a Bow-Tie: A Gentleman's Guide -- "'Cause bow-ties are COOL!" - Every guy should know how to tie a bow tie even if they aren't worn frequently

Infographic: The Top 10 Outlandish Reasons Men Shave - DesignTAXI.com

Infographic - Top 10 Outlandish Reasons Men Shave (Still not shaving).Please dont shave :p

Cool ways to lace up your shoes!  #coolideas

{Back to School} Great how to graphic on how to tie shoe laces

14 ways to tie shoelaces. I'm going to have to invest in some serious shoes so I can try all these ways to tie shoe laces.

17 kinds of ways to tie shoelaces!!!

17 Ways To Tie Your Shoelaces.I shall never look at my shoelaces the same. Just remember that the way the shoes come laced up isn't passé, it's just 1 of 17 ways to tie your shoelaces.

Be a gentleman.

The difference between a man and a gentleman. A gentleman's demeanor is also seen through a gentleman's style. I had a conversation with a gentleman today about how few gentlemen there seems to be.

James Bond famously distrusted any man with a Windsor knot. For him, it was too symmetrical, showing vanity and selfishness. Well, today, we're going to make...

9 Ways to Transform a Tie into a Stunning Knot!

Funny pictures about The coolest way to tie a tie: Eldredge necktie knot. Oh, and cool pics about The coolest way to tie a tie: Eldredge necktie knot. Also, The coolest way to tie a tie: Eldredge necktie knot.

Roll up your shirt sleeves like you actually know how to do it. This guide shows you three different ways to do it.

How to Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves

How to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves: Your Visual Guide - Some quick tips on how to cuff your shirts, aimed at men, can work for some women's shirts.

10 Things Every Man Should Own [Spring Edition]. Great list. Truth.

10 Things Every Man Should Own [Spring Edition]- useful for gift ideas for the men in your life

harrison-fjord-style-cheat-sheet- Dressing Down

Harrison Fjord Style Cheat Sheet - Dressing Down. This is really helpful. For when I need to look nice when dressing down.


Beginner's guide to cigars. I have no intention of smoking a cigar but this was interesting to read. > I don't smoke at all.