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Baby Ducks Getting Married

Funny pictures about Baby Ducks Getting Married. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Ducks Getting Married. Also, Baby Ducks Getting Married photos.

I have questions. (The site had an error when I tried to visit it.) I'm hoping they don't leave these on the turtle.

Funny pictures about Magnificent tortoise cozies. Oh, and cool pics about Magnificent tortoise cozies. Also, Magnificent tortoise cozies.

Jeeves. Place the glass on the table. I want to knock it off.  *moustache kitteh

Kittenstache uses a combination of commercial and proprietary adhesives to appropriately put mustaches on adorable kittens. Our kitten wranglers are gentle and very few kittens are damaged.

Oh my gosh! Where has this little chef turtle been all my life!?!?!?!?

Little Slow Cooker

Funny pictures about Slow Cooker. Oh, and cool pics about Slow Cooker. Also, Slow Cooker photos.

One of these is not like the other!

God! You did something terribly Wrong!

Can I have a baby owl, and a baby hippo, skip the baby human, and a baby hedgehog please!oh, and a baby bear:)

<3 BiJoUx <3

Baby Giraffe Kiss >>> I love Giraffe's and I know you do too!

Out to Sea  An adult loggerhead heads out to sea. Every May, loggerhead turtles begin their nesting up and down the South Carolina coast.

A loggerhead turtle heads out to sea on the South Carolina coast - on my bucket list to go see the baby turtles born and headed to the sea!