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Анастасия Гончарова

‘Campout’ Greeting Card by Johanna Wright

Super cute #insta

"Sharpie and color pencil faber castell eco" Una Fiona pah lah banda~ No son…

Lack of inspiration. by CyarinDraws

Inspiration batteries recharge at unpredictable speed, wish I could get mine repaired! Thanks for your support, you guys keep me motivated even through art blocks!

Lauren-color by ALKEMANUBIS on DeviantArt

Aw little Mina or *GASP* ;) Her daughter! I will let you all draw your own conclusions for the father>>>> im going with hwr daughter

Made by me

Easy to install and remove LG Brave Movie Merida Shooting Art Cases. You'll love the Brave Movie Merida Shooting Art designed LG Cases.

So kawii So embarrassed

"damm i forgot my pencil. but if i go back now everyone will notice. and then they will think im wierd oh god they are gonna judge me then hate me . im sorry pencil"


Prey or Predator? In the Animal Kingdom - some animals are prey and some are Predator. What you are determines how you behave. Horses are PREY animals- which means predators eat them! Scary for a horse!