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This Black NC Church Explains Why They’re NOT Supporting Hillary

“Supporting Hillary is like being with an abusive ex, one that you already know left you broken and wounded.” — Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries on Voting for…

FBI corruption linked to Trump and Russia! See http://bipartisanreport.com/2016/12/10/breaking-fbi-director-implicated-in-trumprussia-collusion-scandal-senate-investigation-possible/

Doug Collins Proves Without A Doubt That FBI Director James Comey Covered Up Hillary Clinton's Lies

The Tale of Two Hillarys’ – And One Donald Trump

Daily dumps of emails from WikiLeaks have provided us with an unfolding story that could aptly be titled – “The Tale of Two Hillarys.” The public Hillary supports Israel, loves Americans, did not knowingly send…

EU Accepts TTIP Deal Dead Due To Trump Presidency

EU Accepts TTIP Deal Dead Due To Trump Presidency

Both Trump and Clinton Should Withdraw from the Race!

The Commission on Prejudiced Debates Strikes Again

Clinton Foundation key to giving Putin 20% of US uranium

Clinton Foundation key to giving Putin of US uranium

WikiLeaks Exposes Collusion Between CNN and DNC

Perhaps the greatest service rendered to us in the recent WikiLeaks data dumps of the Democratic National Committee’s emails (along with the emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief John Podesta) is that it finally unmasked…

The land of high perversion and dead babies goes self-righteous on Trump?

The techno-twinkled brains of the millennial minions are turning to mush while listening daily to the blather of our pundits, pollsters and political prognosticators, all while panting after Hillary. Perhaps it’s time we listened to…