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Aracelis para ti

Funny pictures about 5 dollar footlong. Oh, and cool pics about 5 dollar footlong. Also, 5 dollar footlong.

MYTH: Gingers don't have souls. FACT: Gingers earn a freckle for every soul they steal.

Myth vs. Fact

Myth: gingers don't have souls. Fact: gingers earn a freckle for every soul they steal. My ginger has no freckles

Introvert Cat via Meme Generator

Carl Jung is so trendy. Years ago, he really made introversion and extroversion a thing. People ran with it. And suddenly it’s 2013 and everybody is misusing the word introvert. You are not an introvert. No you’re

Dora The Exploder. Shit just got real.

Swiper No Surviving. Swiper No Surviving coming to a theatre near you. HOLD THE PHONE OP if its directed by micheal bay then why isn't dora an 18 year old latina with DD titties? Swiper No Surviv

Chris farley

Chris Farley is awesome. jacksoninbmore Chris Farley is awesome. Chris Farley is awesome.


Funny pictures about Spot on Pam. Oh, and cool pics about Spot on Pam. Also, Spot on Pam.

Sometimes I Wish I Was An Octopus So I Could...lol

Sometimes I wish I was an octopus, so I could slap 8 people at once. Or one person 8 times at once

the first time i saw this i wanted to pin it, but i didn't want to scroll back up to the top to hit the pin it button!

-Scrolling a post like this takes some serious stamina. Lol- <-- Just a note: people on any new laptop built can scroll down using two fingers on your pad. I doubt I even burned any calories when I scrolled. BUT THIS WAS FUN!