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Roof and cable

Self-regulating cables melt snow and ice, to keep a drain path for water to flow freely away from the house, from the roof and gutters.

I want a courtyard in my house that looks just like this, but with some seating

Get inspired with this amazing photo of small japanese garden design ideas with pond and wooden deck. You can't be wrong with it.

Picture of Easy Garden Pagoda http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Garden-Pagoda/

Easy Garden Pagoda

This is my first Instructable and I look forward to all of your comments.I wanted to add a garden pagoda to our bamboo garden but was amazed by how much they cost.

Small Garden Modern – House Decor Ideas

Black privacy fence - the retaining wall creates a "sunken room" outdoors. Great idea for a terraced yard.

Minimalist pergola Australia ; Gardenista

Monaco Chairs & Capri Metal outdoor tables, designed in Spain, available from Casualife Furniture, Australia: Brian and Trish Perkins House Photograph by Annette O'Brien for The Design Files

Fabulous modern outdoor space.

hat’s not to love about panorama windows? These floor-to-ceiling glass beauties can be such an enrichment to a space, connecting interior with exterior. Provided of course, that the view the good enough.

Ландшафтный дизайн дачного участка: 60 воплощений зеленого рая своими руками (фото) http://happymodern.ru/landshaftnyj-dizajn-dachnogo-uchastka-70-foto-sozdaem-zelenyj-raj/ Сделайте ваш участок оригинальным, используя подручные предметы для его дизайна, такие как камень или доска

It's Spring so naturally I've been entertaining ideas of becoming a landscape designer/woodland nymph again.

Outdoor aquarium - Little Piece Of Me

Outdoor aquarium

An Outdoor aquarium Is the perfect addition to the backyard. The aquarium will beautify the garden when is well placed and in harmony with the greenery.


Small garden ideas can be a great solution for those who want to build a garden in the small yard. What we know is that building a garden in a small space