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Spag Heddy – Heddy Bitsh

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Zerochan has 970 Yuzuki Yukari images. Yuzuki Yukari is a character from VOCALOID.

Anime recommendations, text; Anime

For all anime fans who don't know what to watch next. An anime list. I think this anime list is actually longer than mine.

You can adopt 1, and must have a name for her when you adopt. I adopted the librarian and named her Wren

Minecraft girls: Amelia the librarian, Diana the priestess, sheila the farmer…


This is very me. My desk is always a mess, not to mention the rest of my room. Working on the computer until late, and falling asleep.

Anime cutouts, I wanna to thing. Need to work on my art skills.

Such A Beautiful Creature In Its Natural Environment