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Sherlock Holmes: Faces Death & in Washington , Basil Rathbone

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death/Sherlock Holmes in Washington [DVD]

Hahaha. Sherlock and Watson dressed up as Batman and Robin!

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na... SHERLOCK!!

Sherlock and Watson dressed as Batman and Robin! Watson: "put on the hood, it’s gonna be so funny we are so sending this to mrs.

SH BBC - U think so? by Sadyna on deviantART

Sherlock and John. This is the exact moment when Sherlock decides that he can get along with John. Geek Pride,I am SHER-locked,I Am Sherlocked.

Je t'aime toujours passionnément chaque jour au soleil comme sous la pluie! Personne n'y peut rien changer ! Tu es le héros de chaque de ma vie !

Digital Art that Touches The Soul

Mycroft and I both know that Sherlock is a bottom. Johnlock xD

Mycroft and I both know that Sherlock is a bottom. Johnlock xD

Smaug and Toothless sass off | How To Train Your Dragon | Hobbit

Behold, a Smaug and Toothless sass-off! Based on Colbert's interview with Smaug 〖 DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon Toothless The Hobbit Smaug Stephen Colbert interview parody funny 〗

Teen Sherlock - The returns of John Watson by DrSlug on deviantART

Sorry this is a small strip but it's the best I could do for now. Though,you do realize Sherlock was checking John's bum,right? Teen Sherlock - The returns of John Watson

Sherlock On Tumblr #15:

That last one killed me. I literally want to cry right now. Martin is such an incredible actor.

Patronus by ~xXDeath-N-HellXx on deviantART

Patronus by xXDeath-N-HellXx ^^^ Oh, Tuna-lock XD>> I was expecting a hedgehog, not tunalock inside a harry potter au