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Vaccine Facts for Moms - Natural News Blogs

Vaccine Facts for Moms

Why we chose not to vaccinate our child - interesting article to consider in the decision of vaccines...

Why we chose not to vaccinate our child - interesting article to consider in the decision of vaccines.

What to pack: trip to get baby.

Please Don't Get Your Children This Vaccine. more parents spreading the word.

Why All The Measles Outbreaks… POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2013 BY GIANELLONI ...Even with this 'outbreak', more people die from measles vaccines than than measles. Measle vac. info: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/biologicsbloodvaccines/vaccines/approvedproducts/ucm123788.pdf

Baby-and-Herd-Immunity- Autism references links

Vaccine organization

Doctors Slam Parents for Vaccine Choices & FDA Licenses New Combo Vaccine June

Tells about her experience with three kids with whooping cough - sounds just awful. But important to know if you're not going to vaccinate for it. Make sure to read her two follow-up posts as well.

What does whooping cough sound like?and share our story of both vaccinated and unvaccinated kids getting the 100 Days Cough.

The Greater Good Movie — a documentary film about vaccines in America REPIN IF YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED A VACCINE!

The Greater Good Movie Trailer~ documentary about vaccine tragedies to bring increased awareness to this important issue!

New research shows that hepatitis B vaccine may not be effective in preventing occult HBV infection in babies. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/12/17/newborn-hepatitis-b-vaccine.aspx

Study Calls Into Question Effectiveness of Hepatitis B Vaccine for Newborns

Adventures in Autism - Studies supporting vaccine/autism causation: http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/2007/06/no-evidence-of-any-link.html

Adventures in Autism - 84 papers linking vaccines with autism

The Cochrane Review, a well-respected independent medical non-profit, found NO EVIDENCE that the flu vaccine prevents viral transmission in adults after analyzing 50 peer-reviewed studies. However, a Canadian study has found that those who received the regular flu shot were twice as likely to get a strain of flu they weren't vaccinated for. (In their case, the H1N1 strain)

CAUTION: Flu Shots May Double Your Chance Of Getting Sick- excellent well sourced article