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First ink

First ink

They were right, We did need a high IQ to understand it.

i took a pic of me watching the pickle rick episode to piss people off but like somehow i managed to take the pic so that the frame on the tv was…. a different frame to the reflection on the desk?

They were right, We did need a high IQ to understand it.

Adoption is an alternative to being a parent. It is not an alternative to being pregnant. http://fuckyeahwomenprotesting.tumblr.com/post/159641303815/just-give-it-up-for-adoption

this is such an important post tho like? it addresses tokophobia! and it doesn't paint pregnancy/abortion as a strictly women's issue it says 'pregnant people' instead! like that's rly rare for pro choice posts but we should start doing that more often

Anchor chart science breathing-Connecting with intake of oxygen using trees and lungs as comparisons.

The Circle Of Life And Breath

Stress is at the heart of and a leading factor in many chronic diseases, medical conditions, accidents, mental and emotional disorders and disturbances.  Yoga has been studied for its beneficial effects on stress and anxiety.  13 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief [Infographic]

These simple yoga poses can help you get centered, alleviate stress just generally calm you down. - My Yoga Slim


Lmaooooo I have a great life but some of the shit I come across is purely comical and no I can't make it up. Sounds like it but definitely not the case.