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Sometimes depression means something non-depressed people don't think it means

My best friend left me. The moment I needed someone there for me, you left as soon as you could. I wanted to understand. But you just pulled the trigger.

If I met my seven year old self today, what would I tell her, what would I say? Would I warn her of the future, of the bad things yet to come? ...Would she recognize herself, when she looked into my face?

Her soul died 3 years later at age At age 14 she's dying and suffering. I would kill 7 year old me because that was the last truly happy memory I have. I can't really remember true joy

:-)  what a woman really means <3

Please don't lie to me or yourself because I'm here and I won't judge, I promise because I've felt like this too. And I don't care how little the problem is I just want to help.well maybe all but the last lines


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"Just tired," she muttered. but you could tell it was not a lack of sleep, but a lack of hope and happiness that made her act the way she did.


thepoeticunderground: “Teeth” April I’m actually really proud of this poem okay. This post is queued. I’m currently in New York and will be home on September Until then please enjoy these poems from the past. x Erin

✨Making the most out of very little given.. Never a choice, just is what it is.. I will always be free..never again controlled, belittled, dominated and forced ever again!

Ana is known to be an eating disorder associated with wanting to be thin. Anerexia is a form of control. it's an invisible cut to the soul

So powerful. I love poems that so perfectly describe feelings we didn't know could be described.

I just want to break down . but I can't because i'm too strong or too weak depression quote (bgt) this is the worst! hate this