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California-based photographer Trini Schultz, aka Trini61, explores new worlds through her lens filled with haunting and, at times, romanticized portraits of people with their own captivating narratives.

Hauntingly Surreal Storytelling Photos by Trini Schultz

Sister of Shadows inspiration. The sky, the dark wispy smoke. Inspired by California-based photographer Trini Schultz, aka

Vanishing (Carole Brémaud); They faces are distorted and blank, giving the figures within the portraits/paintings a sense of anonymity and emotionless. This is a technique I will surely use within my work by using self portraits or portraits of loved ones yet using more intense colour and shapes to create an expressionist piece.

These very well dressed, mysterious men are the work of French artist Carole Brémaud This would be interesting to try and recreate as a photography collection

Self Portrait of award winning Filipino filmmaker and photographer Breech Harani #Selfportrait #Portrait #Men #Cinematic #Photography #Model #Lowlight #Teal #Creative

Self Portrait of award winning Filipino filmmaker and photographer Breech Harani #Selfportrait #Portrait #Men #Cinematic #Photography #Model #Lowlight #Teal #Creative

Daniel Craig My favorite man except for my husband. Oohh, I feel guilty just looking at him! (repinned: so agree with this statement)

Daniel Craig: The latest actor to play James Bond, and bearded star of Skyfall (Platon)


25 Autoportraits surréalistes de Kyle Thompson

American photographer Kyle Thompson, from Chicago, realizes alone some incredible surreal self-portraits with an ethereal and dreamlike atmosphere.

Blues in the Night, by Rémi LaBarre--is it just me, or does he have an 'oh yeah,' twinkle in his eye? - Pinterest I often find myself sitting at the piano letting my fingers take me on the journey. With no real thought to the composition,playing music is

Portrait Paintings by Rémi LaBarre

Kyle Thompson - Photographer; my heart almost stopped at these. They are PHENOMENAL! I can't handle it.

Self-Portraits by Kyle Thompson

A stunning series of self-portraits by photographer Kyle Thompson. Minimal effects, an occasional action, simple props, a.

One of the earliest known photographs of a human is this self portrait taken in 1839, of young Robert Cornelius (1809-93) standing outside his family’s lamp-making shop in Philadelphia. Cornelius was an American of Dutch descent whose knowledge of metallurgical chemistry was to help in perfecting the process of silver-plating, then employed in the production of daguerreotypes.

First Selfie ----Robert Cornelius, the original daguerreotype boyfriend. meandthemajor: 1839 self-portrait of Robert Cornelius, one of the first photographs of a human to be produced.