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Ha ha

Monty Python (Holy Hand Grenade) Television Poster Masterprint at .

Did nobody see Jurassic Park? -____-

Doctor Grant says that's a bad idea. Doctor Grant says that's a very bad idea! WHAT'S A BAD IDEA? *dinosaur roars and people get eaten*

If that's true, I'm never calling it a microwave again. <-- xD

I am looking that up, because if it's true, well that's just too awesome. <<< hoi im Welsh and for a matter of fact, that is true :D popty-ping is a slang word for microwave, have a nice day :)

Expedia Gnome

Expedia Gnome

OMG please make this real!

Excellent Game Show Idea…

shit i’d watch this so damn hard Seriously, 12 straight men acting as gay as humanly possible, I would die. Call it "No homo"

What do we want? COFFEE!  When do we want it?  I'LL FUCKING CUT YOU.  I feel like this sums up both my feelings about a morning cuppa, and my feelings about protest chants.

WANT COFFEE NOW! i'll fucking cut you, coffee or i'll cut you, need coffee, coffee, morning coffee


Wal-Mart Cake This makes me happy because a) it shows just how stupid people are, and b) it has my name on it! I want that cake.

im glad someone said it

Re-electing Obama is like backing the Titanic up and hitting the iceberg a second time! thank-you-internet-for-your-hilarity