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XOOOOX is Berlin based street-artist known for guerrilla-style who works with delicate stenciled works and installations in an Arte Povera style

Best Street Art of month around the World

Best Street Art of month around the World

Take a look at the best examples of street art that were painted in found cities in the world for a month. Every month around the world have hundreds of notable works. Works in the



Banksy is a alias given to a world famous graffiti artist who comes from the United Kingdom. He does not just paint however, he is also known as a political activist, film director and painter. His street art uses a continuous theme surrounding dark humour and satire, which is executed in a stencil like technique that Banksy is so famous for. Here are 68 incredible works of street art and sculptures from Banksy. source: www.banksy.co.uk

68 Incredible Works of Art by Banksy

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Banksy meets the Clash. (via banksystreetart) makes me think of office space

blek le rat - Google Search

Spot the difference: How the earlier works by Parisian artist Blek le Rat compare with Banksy's graffiti style

Mickey at gunpoint By CarloAlessio77 http://www.flickr.com/photos/carloalessio77/5717965029/in/photostream

Mickey at gunpoint By


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Street art mural (2012) by Kay2 - Busan, South Korea

Street art mural (2012) by Kay2 - Busan, South Korea