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toujours troublant surtout 30 ans après...

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Growing again: Nature has reclaimed the once-thriving city, that was hailed as a vision of the future with progressive town-planning and modern architecture

A forgotten grand piano in the concert hall of the abandoned town of Pripyat, Chernobyl.

"Last Piano Standing" - Abandoned St. Joseph Byzantine Church in Cleveland, Ohio. similar to the piano in the Prescott mansion in its hay-day.

Urban GhostsThe Train Graveyard of the Atacama Desert | Urban Ghosts

The Train Graveyard of the Atacama Desert

amazing colorful photography

Really nice abandoned and decaying cars gallery~when left alone the trees tend to steal what we've left behind

Deserted Places: UK's red telephone box graveyard

This telephone boxes graveyard is located in the small village of Carlton Miniott , in the north of England. As years go by, decommissioned.

Abandoned car & mother nature

How old is this car? Tree growing through an old car - Interesting picture of rusty old car with tree growing through.

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Lives left behind: Families were forced to leave nearly all of their possessions behind when the town was evacuated. Today, houses still stand with food in the cupboards and sheets on the unmade beds


Amateur snapper and retail worker Guy Hatton, from Rochester, Kent, went to Carlton Miniott to pay his respects to these pillars of British Telecom's history and immortalise them in his own way with a series of magnificently melancholy shots

Chatillon Car Graveyard, Belgium | Urban Ghosts |

Chatillon Car Graveyard, Belgium

Today the vintage vehicles make for an unusual sight in the woodland – hardly the most environmentally friendly auto collection, but nonetheless one that has been woven into the fabric of the local landscape.

abandoned classic cars

A ‘vintage car graveyard’ nestles in a Belgian forest, where old motors sit rusting among the trees.

Just think of the life behind this train

66 Of the most beautiful abandoned places Abanonded steam engine in Uyuni train cemetery, Bolivia. Photo By jimmyharris


Abandoned Coal Plant - France- The 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth Just Might Give You Chills.

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" An old antique car sits swamped in a flooded pond" Whoever left this sit there should be in jail. How could you let a gorgeous car rot in a pond.

Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium

Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium