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European Tour

Lil Wayne Announces European Tour Dates Alongside 2 Chainz & Mac Miller

The Beastie Boys - Brooklyn-born Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock - have their roots in the New York hardcore scene of the early '80s, but took a new direction with the release of a rap single, 'Cooky Puss,' in 1983 (based on a prank call they made to a local Carvel shop). They established themselves based on two subsequent albums, the irreverent 'Ill Communication' (which spawned their first big hit, 'Fight For Your Right') and the more sophisticated 'Paul's Boutique.'

Old-school hip-hop stars: Where are they now? - slide 15

Lil wayne-as long as my bitches love me, I could give a fuck about no haters long as my bitches love me.

Lil waynes dreads were amazing. Idk if it wud look good.

Lil Wayne poster, mousepad, t-shirt, #celebposter

Lil Wayne poster

Lil Wayne poster, mousepad, t-shirt,

Lil Wayne

A new project by UK graphic designer, Michael McCabe takes portraits of musicians and recreates them with typography using their own lyrics.

Keep it wild style, I promise I'll smile And check the floor, God's got nice tile. #Gods bathroom floor.

“The truth can be painful, and I hate to do it. Either face the music, or get away from me stupid” - Slug

Selena Gomez

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