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(7) Me gusta | Tumblr

As a history major, this one of of my favorite and most referenced history humor posts!

Soviet life from Ogonyok Magazine

Soviet life from Ogonyok Magazine

One of the Tallest STATUE in the world.  Senegal.  Learn how awesome we truly are! --- Monument to African Renaissance - Senegal BCCL--- Our Real Life African Holy Trinity; At 160 feet, the statue towers over the Senegalese capital Dakar's skyline. Inspired by Soviet social realism, designed by Pierre Goudiaby and built at a cost of $27 million, it sits atop a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It's Africa's tallest statue!

I bet you've never seen this statue before neither had I until today. It's "The African Renaissance Monument" in Senegal. Bronze, 60 foot tall statue overlooking the Atlantic Ocean designed by a Senegalese architect Pierre Goudiaby in April One word

Robots Meet Old Soviet Life – Earthly Mission

These cool-looking mashups of robots and old Soviet life by Tkachenko Andrey bring back the car brands that were around (me) in my childhood.


Seems legit.

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