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You shouldn't point out things about people's appearances if they can't fix it in ten seconds. It makes me longer than 10 seconds to fix a hole in my pants, but I still sure want to know it's there.

annie oakley

I freaking love Annie Oakley! One of my favorite orite quotes from her. She was such a boss! "When a man hits a target they call him a marksman. When I hit a target they call it a trick. Never did like that much.

omg i want a boyfriend like this

This is super sweet. I love that he used the words best friend because hes clearly in that relationship for the long haul.

What? No, these aren't tears. No of course not. I just have something in my eye.....and I was chopping onions......in my dusty attic.......next to some fresh flowers.

A father's message to his daughter about inner beauty and grace. So wonderful. I wish every girl had a father like this.


This is adorable, and congrats to this mom for raising her little girl well.>>>this little girl is gorgeous! You go Raven Marie

On welfare recipients "having nice things."  Some of this could obv be fabricated, but they still represent important ideas to be considered.

If Someone Ever Complains About Welfare Collectors, Show Them This.

This is something that many people do without realizing. Judging people with "Food stamps" saying they abuse the system.you seriously don't know their life. Yes some people do abuse it.

Thank you for posting this!

If Your Kid Stops Believing In Santa This Year. - Let's turn that frown upside down !

one of the many reasons why he is awesome

John Galecki regarding rumors about him being gay. Very well said and mature. I've never really addressed those rumors, 'cause I always figured, why defend yourself against something that's not offensive? The Big Bang Theory.

Stop calling us the "weak" ones. We are just as dedicated and hardcore as you. I had to attach lead to my violin bow for grade 8 exam preparation. My violin teacher made me empty out a box of matches and put ONE back each time I played the bar correctly.

Excuse the language Hell yeah, hardcore artists! PS, they forgot writers, too.