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Women of God!

Lord help me! Aspiring to be the best wife I can be, to prepare now to be a wonderful mother and to be everything a woman of God should be!

(The best things in life are invisible. That's why we close the eyes when we laugh, kiss, and dream)

That's why we close the eyes when we laugh, kiss, and dream)

Modesty matters

Femininity and Modesty in Dress! Oh my, what a great quote for us ladies who are in relationships/married. If another women was dressed the way you are, would you be alright with them around YOUR husband?

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My swimsuit told me to go to the gym today, but my sweatpants were like. "Nah girl, you're good!" xD I don't go to the gym in a swimsuit, though.

Let's break up!

Stress is a word that is used often these days! In most conversations stress is the cause of health issues. Continue reading and find some stress control information that may help you or someone you love!

Without Ice Cream... funny quote ice cream lol

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"The key is not to worry about being successful, but to instead work toward being significant" - Oprah

Everything happens for a reason...

I Believe everything happens for a reason. People change so you can learn to let go. you believe lies so that you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right. and sometimes good things fall

You is kind, smart, important. Makes me smile, thinking of my friend @Barbara Johnson

"You is Kind. You is Smart." -Aibileen, from The Help and I hope my kids know that, too.

Scriptures that heal

Good {spiritual} stuff

"I bought a nice leather journal for my missionary and wrote these on the first two pages. He loves it and tells me all the time how comforting these scriptures are!" Sounds like this might be handy to have.