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For wasps, spotty faces equal killer Kung Fu

Portraits of nine Polistes dominulus paper wasps, illustrating the variation in facial patterns that functions as a signal of fighting ability by Elizabeth Tibbetts

European paper wasp gathering wood for it's nest

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Little ladybug. @3 likes 4 repins  Profile picture of Jan Henderson    Jan Henderson via Worldwide Realtor

"Nowhere To Go" by Mandy Disher . A ladybug on purple blossoms.

Mud Dauber

I have developed a huge red stinging bump just looking at this mud dauber!

Steel wasps  - DevBurmak @ deviantART

infinitemachine: “Mecha of the Day: Steel wasps by DevBurmak ”

Venezuelan Sun Tiger Tarantula

Venezuelan Sun Tiger Tarantula

Psalmopoeus Irminia - Venezuelan Suntiger It is a large species, regularly reaching lengths of up to 6 inches. Lily's tarantula of choice

Flying Insect

A Potter Wasp! Call Bee Specialists in Bloomfield Hills, MI today at to schedule an appointment if you've got a stinging insect problem around your house or place of business!

Argiope bruennichi with cocoon

The wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi) with cocoon

Big-Eyed Jumping Spider

Yellow-lined Epeus Jumping Spider (Epeus flavobilineatus) male, Tangerang, West Java, Indonesia (photo: Guido Bohne)

A European paper wasp by Dusan Beno/Solent News

Insects close-up captured by photographer Dusan Beno