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Stupid Shem witch.

I really wish they didn't make the Dalish elf out to be so stupid "I believe this is the Temple of Mythal" "and that is." *facepalm* why couldn't we have a more educated response than that?

Laughed for 10 minutes straight... just cause its so cheesy

Funny when people go outta their way to get jalapeno business when they arent really apart of your life

Training in skyrim #skyrim #dawnguard #hearthfire

Played Skyrim for the first time. 17 hours later, this explains a lot. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

Star Trek Correctly Predicting The Future

Star Trek Correctly Predicting The Future

The Android phone though haha! Star Trek was first // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

I hear corrupted memory cards are in the 7th circle of hell in "Danté's Inferno".  Anyone else remember having to blow into the snes and Nintendo 64 games when they wouldn't work? xD

Why gamers get so angry…

Dorkly Comic – Videogames: A History of Violence [Comic] hahahahahahahahahahaha thats how we become violent our gaming rage not the game itself

FPSs Vs. RPGs.  I'm  team RPG - haven't played them for a long while, but I used to looove making the characters. :-)


I'm team RPG - haven't played them for a long while, but I used to looove making the characters.

DIY Cosplay Sword Tutorials (9 Picture Instructions) - Snappy Pixels

Iron Helmet and Sword cosplay tutorial by ~kovah on deviantART (because I do want to do a Skyrim costume someday. when I have time to complete at least the main quest line)

Video Games Vs. Real Life. I love this.

Funny pictures about Videogames vs. Oh, and cool pics about Videogames vs. Also, Videogames vs.

Day 12: Favorite shout. Okay, not very creative, but there is something very appealing and practical for my warrior about sending my enemies flying and reeling so I can get an attack in, especially when mobbed. It also helps when I am running for my life...

14 Reasons Why Living In "Skyrim" Is Better Than Real Life