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TJ Scott

TJ Scott is a director, writer and photographer from Los Angeles. He is usually setting up ‘moving pictures’ to tell his stories and filming them at 24 Frames per second with a crew of many. It’s beautiful journey to walk with his awesome photostreams

Unless they want me to marry them, because I am a ULC Minister. In which case, I'd be happy to.

If Chris and Alex Want To Get Married, Should Their Genders Matter? If you answered yes, a little tip for you- your an ass. And it was a trick question, because they'd never ask you (or me!) for our opinions anywsy, amirite?

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Nata disorganizzata: Come organizzare: il menù settimanale

Data Security And Network Security Services in New Jersey

Vforce Infotech helps clients deal with changing business and technology issues. Our relationship with clients is a partnership - we bring our experience, best practices and tools to apply to clients unique requirements.

Mentally Workout | Cognition |Focus| SMR | Emotional Stability | Isochro...

This will give you a comprehensive and intense mental workout ranging from alpha to high beta.

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15 Easy Ways to Become More Self-Sufficient - Lil Moo Creations

The Secret, Law