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Not you again. Buzz Off.

Squirrel: I'm sorry to bother you but the bird feeder is empty. (A squirrel, my mother named Petey, once got on the porch railing and rang the doorbell because he wanted some peanuts!) Now I call all squirrels, "Petey"

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*Sing to tune of Bee Gees' Night Fever* Then I get nut fever, nut fever. We know how to find it. Gimme that nut fever, nut fever. We know how to keep it.Move over John Travolta!

Hilarious names that the Internet came up with for various animals

When the Internet name animals...

The German Shepherd

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Squirrel Problems

So much sadness in one picture. Squirrel Drops Nut, Looks Absolutely Devastated.One of the worst things to ever happen to a squirrel has happened to this squirrel.

Taehyungs always be watching...

Taehyung is an alien. His mother is Baekhyun and is father is Daehyun. Who is from Andromeda galaxy. And his drawing skills are from Kris.