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Death Becomes Her by Raymond Haddad on

During the 74th Hunger Games, the Gamemakers planned to use fire to decrease the distance between Katniss and the Career Pack.

DANCING FLAMES Fire can be so beautiful, and nothing beats a nice fire on a cold winter's day.

“ Scarecrow once blasted Jason Todd with fear toxin, Jason spent the next 20 mins slamming scarecrows head in a car door yelling “I died once, I’m not afraid of anything!” ” @kumaoftheforest

Bland DC Headcanons — Damian And Jason are in the “supernatural” fandom.

Candle Christmas!

I think it's really adorable how they got each other candles for Christmas ^-^ (even though they had an unknown gas leak at the same time)


Year Sport Stadium Free Wi-Fi Biggest wish Private jet Read minds real money Best friends with celeb Dream car Ninja Continue with my life Fame/wealth (HP sucks) See into the future

Maybe the girl wants to train to be an assassin? Or maybe he has to kill for her... Or kill her

writing prompt - A world class contract killer finds an envelope at his dead drop. Inside is pounds in small change and a letter, hand written by a 9 year old girl.