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Also wonderful marvelous exquisit and miraculous highly divine with a high sophisticated intellect Unknown Zero = O Metatron = 8 HardAngel***Fulfilling69Love๏ปฟ

I don't know where all this crap about me being a "difficult person" is coming from. I'm a constant fucking delight. Yes, I am.

I just saw this and I was crying earlier about this and now I'm going to fucking cry again.......

No you should be lucky those are the only "bad" social habits you have. If you think trailing off or mumbling is bad, try stuttering on every single word or laughing way too loud like someone who's actually socially awkward.

This is 500% accurate.

These Comics Perfectly Describe Womenโ€™s Everyday Problems (By Cassandra Calin) sorry for the cussing this is hilarious

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