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Naga Serpent

Hoodoo Magick Rootwork: "White Altar: Damballah," by at deviantART. In Voodoo, Damballah is one of the most important of all the loa (also spelled lwa). He is the Sky God. The veve of Damballah comprises two serpents prominent among other emblems.

Sri venkateswara swami. Archavigraham

Sri venkateswara swami. Archavigraham

“The Adam and Eve story is the Kundalini story, that is written within everyone, on the backside and sealed with 7 seals.” ~ Mynzah art by Alex Grey

Largest Turtle Shell ever found

Fossil of the largest freshwater prehistoric turtle, Carbonemys cofrinii, a 60 billion year old, South American side-necked turtle.

"One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your honest self." Some Mr. Rogers facts

Things you might not know about Mr. Rogers

We need more people like Mister Rogers in the world! The awesomeness that was Mister Rogers!

Picture of the Day: Silk Tree Growing Over a Temple - Blog - homeandawaywithlisa

This could inspire me when I'm making concept art on the second area of the game (which is a large forest with ruins of a castle in the middle) (((Silk Tree Growing Over Ta Prom Temple, Cambodia, by Lisa Brown)))

Just so pretty... from a tumblr full of oddly interesting photos: J.E.X.X.i.E

divineblu: “ I meet Ganesh every day. He is a part of my daily life. I paid him more attention today. Felt like he was calling me. Fresh food and milk is given to him in the morning and afternoon. Sacred altars are all around me.

Vaishnavam-Sri Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal-http://www.kamakoti.org/kamakoti/details/our%20heritage%204.html

Sri VARADARAJASWAMY (Kanchipuram-Tamil Nadu) The temple is situated in Vishnu Kanchi, also known as the Little Kanchipuram. The Moolasthana is on a little hillock called Hasthagiri.