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How to use an iPad as phone: Call and text from your tablet.

compared the iPad to the No more now that the mini is out. Here's a direct comparison of the Nexus the android flagship tablet to the iPad, by an iPad user. Probably the biggest problem is that the Android apps aren't the quality of IOS apps.

55 iPhone 5 Quick-Start Tips and Tricks to Get You Started With Your Phone | http://paperloveanddreams.com/book/563951180/55-iphone-5-quick-start-tips-and-tricks-to-get-you-started-with-your-phone | My parents are official iPhone users. I began writing this book when I realized that they could make phone calls and take pictures, but didn’t have the faintest idea how to make the text size bigger on their text messages or a number of other things that I thought were common sense after using…

25 iPhone tips and tricks for 2017

40 iPhone Tricks You Should Know Like how to take a photo quickly, setting up a personal hotspot, changing Siri's accent (and gender), turning your iphone into a TV remote, find my iPhone and taking a screen shot. Hehe Siri is now a British guy

40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts. Most are common sense if you've played with your iphone already, but there were a couple really good ones. I suggest this if you have an iphone.

iOS Biggest Annoyances (and How to Fix Them) by Thorin Klowski, lifehacker For my irritated iPhone friends

50 Best Free iPhone Apps for 2015

Get Organized: Productivity on the iPad

Planning to use your iPad for work? Heres an action plan for turning your iPad into a productivity machine.

If your phone ever gets lost or stolen this app is a great way to keep whoever finds/takes it from getting important information on you! How to Remotely Disable Your Lost or Stolen Phone

8 Ways to Make Your iPhone Last Longer

in white, people have it in Me? I just love to be outdated girl! Birthday present of Cant wait to upgrade!

The built in Mail client in iOS 6 is packed full of features to help you get the most out of your email experience. You can set up multiple email accounts from multiple providers.

The Best Free iPod Touch Apps

Red Stamp app -- Send stylish, personalized notes effortlessly from your iphone. THis is by far my favorite new APP! Just sent out Christmas cards via text messages!