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3D Buran Shuttle
The Russian Space Shuttle in the Hanger.
Russian Space Shuttle
The new Russian purposed space shuttle. Russia is set to develop a new Reusable Space Rocket System, or MRKS in Russian. The idea is to reduce the cost of launching satellites and other equipment into space. The system, which is being developed under the Federal Space Program, is set to cost not less than 12.5 billion rubles ($185 mln).
There are two shuttles from the Buran Space Program left and they sit in idle, turning into historic relics, within a forgotten and abandoned building located in Kazakhstan.
These Are the Sad Remains of the Soviet Space Shuttle Program
The Road Ahead for Space Travel - With yesterday’s retirement of Discovery, perhaps it’s time for Russia to resurrect their Buran space shuttle program. With recent NASA cutbacks announced and no new shuttle plans in the works here at home, perhaps Russia or other partner countries can benefit from the technologies developed and used in the defunct U.S. shuttle program. Either way, it will be interesting to watch if Russia or other countries create their own shuttle programs in the years…
The Space Shuttle-like Buran completed only one unmanned spaceflight, and spent only three hours in space. The Buran programme was cancelled in 1993, but four other ones were being built then – the Shuttle 2.03 was fully dismantled, the 2.02 was 10-20% done, partially dismantled and some parts were sold on the Internet, the 30-50% done Baikal (2.01) was left under open sky for years, and the OK-1K2 Ptichka (1.02) was 95-97% complete.
There is also an website all about Buran:  http://www.thefullwiki.org/Buran_program  -  Buran: What happened to the Soviet space shuttle? | Russia Beyond The Headlines