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the centurions

the centurions

Leader 1 and the gang...in Challenge of the Gobots

Fuq off, transformers. these dudes are my boys! i had forgotten, in all the transformers film excitement of the last decade, that it was NOT the transformers i had been into growing up, but these cheaply produced fellers



Visionaries: Spectural Knights by Parallel1980 on DeviantArt

Visionaries: Spectural Knights by on deviantART

Bravestarr!... I loved this cartoon as a kid! My favorite character was 30-30. (The horse.)  He named his rifle Sarah Jane! But I don't think I could watch it again.  Let's let those happy memories live in their corner my mind, covered by the cuddly nostalgia blanket.

I loved this cartoon as a kid! My favorite character was (The horse.) He named his rifle Sarah Jane


Being an kid sure had its perks. The heyday of consoles, some of the best geek movie franchises in history, and of course, some of t

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