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don kenn gallery Funny/Scary great combo!

Dead girls on vogue mag

Vogue is a fashion magazine and mostly everyone on the cover is someone very famous, likable, and beautiful. This is representing how skinny is supposed to be "in". Its ironic because the skinny girl is dead because she is so skinny

This made me think of divorce and the impact on the child

Oh my word this picture is so true and heart breaking. It feels like being a third wheel.

Another by Shawn Coss

The beginning of my "sketchbook series". Gonna try and have a sketchbook with me at all times so whenever an idea kicks me in the groin i'll be able to recall the pain on paper.

Même seul dans un bus les chansons de Pale sont là invisibles et ardentes !

"My girlfriend and I found an abandoned school bus in the woods. I put on a bunny mask." - What freaks me out, is that he even had a bunny mask for a walk in the woods!

Este ilustrador representa las enfermedades mentales con aterradora precisión

Narcissistic Personality Disorder by Shawn Coss