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♬♪ But I'm strong,.. strong enough to carry him... He aint heavy, he's my brother...♪♬

These 15 Animals Without Hair Are Barely Recognizable

A chipmunk mother holding her baby❤ aww too much cuteness

We need more people like this who care about animals:


This is Freyja. Sweet but use better language next time. Use better language? The people who just dumped this beautiful dog are ass wipe pond scum!

The Southern Flying squirrel weighs only 2-4 ounces when full grown unlike most other flying squirrels who weigh a little more.

The Southern Flying squirrel weighs only ounces when full grown unlike most other flying squirrels who weigh a little more.


We feed our flying squirrel pet our home made squirrel mix consisting of nuts, grain and also supplements.

Момонга или Японская летяга

The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel is a type of flying squirrel. Its body is cm long and the tail length is cm. It is much smaller than the Japanese giant flying squirrel which can reach 1500 g. Wikipedia Scientific name: Pteromys momonga

Aww, just like the little guy I had in college. Sniff, I miss you, Rocky!

Flying squirrel or sugar glider?

Sometimes all you ne

Sometimes all you need is a friend.

Sometimes all you ne

Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel...oh my goodness....its cuteness is melting me!!!

Community Post: 35 Photos Of Momonga Dwarf Flying Squirrels

Service dog gets an adorable yearbook photo right next to his human

15 Awesome Pics Of Adorable Hamsters | No. 9 Is So Cute

15 Awesome Pics Of Adorable Hamsters

Hamsters are one of the cutest pets you could possibly get, and they're very easy to take care of as well, so it's no wonder that they're so popular.

Look at those eyes

I feel your pain fox

¿Sabíais que existe un día dedicado a las ardillas? Sea o no ese día, seguro que a muchos os gusta disfrutar de su compañía en alguno de los parques de Londres. Cómo nos chifla localizarlas, llamar…

fear my squirrelly wrath!

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Pretty little cria xxx Baby Alpaca- How can you not love that face!

Southern Flying Squirrel. FYI - We have these in Okla. and it really hurts when they bite you. Just sayin'

Southern Flying Squirrel ~ (Q for older folks - didn't Rocky, from Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons, fly also?

I LOVE to eat these.

7 Absolutely Adorable Animals That Live on Hokkaido Island in Japan - OMG Ezo Momonga Japanese Flying Squirrel