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12 Common History Myths, Debunked. These will really make you think.

12 Common History Myths, Debunked

Although racism and discrimination once existed towards African-Americans once, it has continued to exist and it has increased towards hispanics but Mexicans in general.

Sign printed for by the Lonestar Restaurant Assn for use in Texas restaurants. Held in the Tennessee State Museum Collection

'The Forgotten Hero' Of The Civil Rights Movement A century before the civil rights protests in Selma and Birmingham, a 27-year-old African-American named Octavius Catto led the fight to desegregate Philadelphia's horse-drawn streetcars. He did it in 1866 with the help of other prominent activists, including Lucretia Mott and Frederick Douglass.

'The Forgotten Hero' Of The Civil Rights Movement

Great, but they took to long to do it: Philadelphia's First Public Statue Honoring A Black Person To Be Unveiled This September. The statue will honor civil rights activist, Octavius Catto.

Dr. Alexa Canady became the first african american woman neurosurgeon in 1981.

Alexa Canady became the first African-American woman neurosurgeon in the United States in From 1987 to Canady was chief of neurosurgery at Children's Hospital of Michigan. In less than 10 percent of all medical students were women.

Gullah Geechee People | The Gullah are the descendants of enslaved Africans who lived in the low country regions of Georgia and South Carolina, which includes both the coastal plains and the Sea Islands. Historically, the Gullah region extended from the Cape Fear area on North Carolina's coast south to the vicinity of Jacksonville on Florida's coast, but today the Gullah area is confined to the Georgia and South Carolina low country.

The Gullah are African Americans who live in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and Georgia, which includes both the coastal plain and the Beaufort Sea Islands.ask anyone who lives in Charleston.

African-American history

Sophia B. Packard and Harriet E. Giles founded the first college for black women in the U. in The school was named Spelman College after Laura Celestia Spelman Rockefeller, wife of John D. Rockefeller, who made a large donation to the school.

Willa Brown Chappell , born in 1906 . In 1938 , she became the first woman Black pilot licensed in the united states and in 1943 , the first African American Woman to possess a commercial pilot and mechanic's licence

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1963 American hired its first African American stew.

Joan Dorsey was the first African-American flight attendant hired to work for American Airlines. JOAN DORSEY for your sacrifice and for setting a standard which made the life I now love to live possible!

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A complete cycle of the moon is twenty-nine and a half days not twenty-eight, but the symbolism is comparable because of the cyclical nature of both the moon and the feminine reproductive system.