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I love the way the creator of this image had fragmented and image of a person into meaningful words and i think this image is very inspirational.

Could use words related to image. * photo of gymnast is personal to me (from: hidden identity photography.

These 'Harry Potter' Tattoos Are All Kinds of Magical - And we mean magical in every sense of the word. - Photos

These 'Harry Potter' Tattoos Are All Kinds of Magical

"Shadow work refers to the process of healing the split between who we think we ought to be and the trapped life energy caught in the pretense of trying to hide and conceal what we can’t accept about ourselves. Shadow work is soul work, it holds the essence of who we are. It includes all of ourselves, our darkness and our light, our meanness and our greatness."-Leigh Pobst (Matt Wisniewski)

Forest within the body portrait. Maybe too complex for video, unless we used careful white clothing and projector.

This "Plastic bodies" series focuses on how commercialism distorts people's perception of the way they look. The artist Sheila Pree Bright says "As a result (of our image focused society), the female body becomes a replica of a doll, and the essence of natural beauty in popular American culture is replaced by fantasy. This body of work addresses the loss of personal identity many women experience, specifically women of color."

Plastic Bodies Photo Series - Sheila Pree Bright

Atlanta-based photographer Sheila Pree Bright used the classic toy to emphasise the disconnect between commercialised beauty ideals and real women for her series, "Plastic Bodies.

More beautiful? The series raises questions about what modern beauty really means for each one of us 'We are fascinated by the power of media to influence people's identities.'

What would YOU look like with Angelina Jolie's lips? Photographers create startling portraits using real people and celebrity body parts

Photographers Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson have created a portrait series of people who appear to have had cosmetic surgery

Bits of art found around the interweb (30 photos)

Bits of art found around the interweb (30 photos)


I decided to let my artist do his thing, he only...

I decided to let my artist do his thing, he only used the previously posted photo for inspiration and did not copy it exactly. here is the end result.

could write words about trying to conform, be a certain type of person

Light is all around the model and words have been written onto the face to give it a deeper meaning.