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Черный кот (и смех, и грех)

Player you're in the ground of football not on dance floor - Funny Football Moments

LMAO #80 - Today 20 Best Reddit funny gifs

That looked rough – Gif Finder – Find and Share funny animated gifs

Hhhnnnnpphhhh  How in the world did they get this pic? Funny Stuff ; ) www.WantABetterView.com


When you walk into a glass door with milkshakes. I don't think those milkshakes are going to bring any boys to the yard.

24 Reason Kids Suck - I love kids,  but these are hilarious

27 reasons why kids are the worst. Obviously, I love kids, but I am crying from laughing so hard. The day after I first read this Gibson got stuck on a bar stool and it took everything I had not to laugh

The 15 Most Ironic Facts Ever

The 15 Most Ironic Facts Ever. The Segway guy died by rolling it off a cliff (I'm pretty sure.

Tree growing in a speed limit sign

Tree growing in a speed limit sign

A tree growing through a speed limit sign- a reminder that no matter what we do, nature finds a way