Across the Fretboard

This lesson will try to give you a strategy and a way to make exercises that should give you more freedom to move freely over the neck of the guitar when you.

Melodic Minor Lines - Part 1 - Fundamental Changes | Fundamental Changes

In this lesson I'll show you some lines and talk a bit about some of the common devices that you can use in the melodic minor scale. The melodic minor sound .

Turnarounds part 3 - I bIII7 II Valt - YouTube

The lesson in my series on turnaround is about how you deal with tritone substitution and altered dominants. I'll try to give you an idea about what scal.

Pentatonics part 3  - Arpeggios and Melodic ideas

Pentatonics part 3 - Arpeggios and Melodic ideas

Melodic Minor Lines - part 3

In this lesson on making lines with the Melodic Minor scale, I want to focus on making lines that mix chords and single notes, which is a very nice varia.