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Marilyn Monroe greets the troops during her Korea USO tour. Marilyn Monroe receives an escort while in Korea for her USO tour.

Korean War Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC. This is located down from the Lincoln Memorial and across from the Vietnam War Memorial, The Wall.

Korean War Veterans Memorial- At whatever point you stand in the memorial, one of the soldiers will always be looking at you. Address: 10 Daniel French Dr, SW, Washington, D.

Korean War Memorial, Washington D.C. Near the Lincoln Memorial, Honoring so Many Heroes :: 36,914 of Them, Who Gave Their Life in the  Korean War [1950 through 1953]  God Bless Them & All Their Families !!

Korean War Memorial, Washington D. Near the Lincoln Memorial, Honoring so Many Heroes :: of Them, Who Gave Their Life in the Korean War through God Bless Them

The Douglas A-26 Invader was the last aircraft designated as an "attack bomber". In 1944 the A-26 Invader became the fastest US bomber of World War Two, upon its delivery to the 9th Air Force in Europe. Not to be confused with the B26 Marauder. It continued in service after WWII, as a nightfighter, & over 400 served in the Korean War.

Douglas Invader, light bomber and attack aircraft. World War II to Vietnam War.

**** Inchon Landing Operation(Chromite Operaation) on Sept.15,1950,Korean War.****(Google & Young Ki Moon.) This photo is trade mark of USMC ist Div.5th Reg.E comp.Infantry( Leather neck) of Korean War(Aug,1960). They became firefighters from Battle of Masan(Pusan Perimeter) to Battle of Chosin reservier and end of Korean War(1953). ***Shared from the Book" Korean War, I experienced"-(2010.교뮨사,Korean edition. 문 영 기-Young Ki Moon.)

**** US Provisional Marine Combat Brigade ("Fire Brigade")…

Korean War Memorial

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