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Tumblr Gets Deep (25 Pics) | Pleated-Jeans.com

What if every woman refused to pay for pads/tampons? We just let ourselves bleed all over everything and walk around covered in blood, making all the guys uncomfortable? How fast do you think we'd be getting free period supplies?

Funny (and sometimes messed up) tumblr compilation. I am still laughing at the sims one. Follow my board Just for Giggles for more funny pins -Sydney Davis:

Funny tumblr compilation

I'll buy America for 2 goat omg I am legit crying over this at in the morning omg😂😂


Ach this is just so funny and cute and it's too late for me to for sentences

France are u okay?

I feel obligated to point out that Scotland has a completely different education system to the rest of the UK


This may be handy this time of year. If you get in a fight with your partner just breathe in the helium out of a balloon and have an argument and the first one to laugh loses!

I will use these

False numbers are usually safer to give out to a creep than to outright reject them if you're feeling unsafe, so.

Honestly this does sound like a marvel scene

Honestly this does sound like a marvel scene

Funny tumblr post

Tumblr Tuesday 7-12

y'know, like 10 years ago someone told me Jack Black died in a plane crash and I believed it so I spent like 3 years thinking Jack Black was dead.

Reblog to save a life: blackhead skin cleaner. I'm still gonna test it on my... - https://www.10waystogetridof.com/reblog-to-save-a-life-blackhead-skin-cleaner-im-still-gonna-test-it-on-my/

Another win for natural medicine! Gotta wonder how long and far this got by word of mouth before being uploaded.

Funny Tumblr Posts, Eavesdropping - This is awesome!

Some tumblr posts I found while trying to clean up my files.

One time these girls were waiting in line in front of me then one of them told a joke and when they hit the punchline i laughed out loud!