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A picnic in the sun

A picnic in the sun

Favorite. Song. Ever. This is my theme song for my crush cuz it's the most fitting thing ever. Pretty sure this is gonna be my wedding song. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I don't dance by lee Brice

19 Advices on How to Choose your Life Partner?

I Don't Dance~Lee Brice This is the sweetest song ever. Love it! This is our first dance song at our wedding!

God is good and I am not.

Definitely wanna do this, just travel and go on an adventure with the crazy ass man I love and see what comes our way.

i wanna do this

Coolest Hammocks ever! A list of the 20 coolest hammocks and it's got everything from an outdoor cage hammock, to an indoor hanging seat hammock, to a kayak hammock, to a tent hammock, to a.

幽默的人生態度才是關鍵。  年輕人都無法想像自己老去的樣子,覺得枯燥的老年生活一定非常乏味。但是下面這些老夫婦卻活得很快樂,他們甚至比一些年輕人都要開心。看完他們做的事後,你一定明白只要有對的人陪伴,[…]

幽默的人生態度才是關鍵。 年輕人都無法想像自己老去的樣子,覺得枯燥的老年生活一定非常乏味。但是下面這些老夫婦卻活得很快樂,他們甚至比一些年輕人都要開心。看完他們做的事後,你一定明白只要有對的人陪伴,[…]

Thinking About You Makes Me …

We will watch many sunsets baby! I love summer sunsets they are so romantic. I love summer sunsets!

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch...

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch... (Azimuth Circle by Kiel James Patrick)

Preppily Ever After

Dance with her spontaneously in random places. Don't be afraid of what people watching will think, it will bring a smile to her face and prove to your girl how much you love her.