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"munch a bunch a munch a bunch a fritos go with lunch"

"munch a bunch a munch a bunch a fritos go with lunch"

Vintage Holly Hobbie. Please enjoy  this repin! Be sure to visit my Facebook page: Stay Beautiful Within or my blog www.staybeautifulwithin.blogspot.com

Vintage Wedding Treasure

This brought back lots of memories, I loved my Holly Hobby doll! {k} Absolutely loved Holly Hobbie as a child!

"I hanker for a hunk o' cheese!"

Hanker for a hunk of cheese.I hanker for a hunk of, a slab, a slice, a chunk of.I hanker for a hunk of cheese!

Table jukebox - Some cafes had these at every booth.

A pinner wrote: "Table top jukeboxes in restaurants. Put your coin in at the top and select your favorite song." I remember that each one of us kids was given a nickel and we got to pick out our own song.

Jiffy Pop ~ "the magic treat as much fun to make as it is to eat! "     :)

Jiffy Pop is a popcorn brand of ConAgra Foods. The product combines unpopped popcorn kernels and oil with an aluminum pan and folded aluminum foil lid. As the pan is heated, the popping corn causes the foil to unfold and puff up. Jiffy in the name referen

Mean Joe Green's "Hey Kid, Catch" Coca Cola Classic ad (Super Bowl XIV, 1980)

Watch: The 9 Greatest Super Bowl Moments That Had Nothing to Do with Football

Coca-Cola Classic ad: Mean Joe Green [Full Version] Former Pittsburgh Steelers star "Mean" Joe Greene and child actor Tommy Okon in the 1979 Coca-Cola commercial.

Remember this glue in elementary school?  Used to cut pictures from sales flyers and catalogs to glue with this onto paper for Christmas lists!

Remember this glue in elementary school? So messy.I preferred the Elmer's White Paste with the little brush in the top of the lid

back-to-school dresses from 1960's

Back-to-school dresses from Yep, I totally dressed like that. We girls were never allowed to wear slacks until I was in high school.no matter how much of a blizzard we had to walk to school in dresses.


Time for Timer and a nostalgia-coated message from and ABC Saturday mornings. Hanker for a hunk of cheese.

The-jetsons-aircraft.jpg (932×1179)

The Jetsons::Meet George Jetson. Jane, his wife. His boy, Elroy.and of course - faithful dog, Astro.

Life cereal commercial from the 1970s. i knew this had to be Mikey...he will eat anything!!

Life Cereal - anyone that grew up in the and watched TV on Saturday mornings remembers this commercial and Mikey! The tag-line was something like "Give it to Mikey, he will eat anything"! Gosh, this brings back great memories!

10926220_915596685169064_8066491206222399127_n.jpg (261×960)

L'eggs Display & We kept and collected those shiny plastic egg shaped packages. I loved the L'eggs hose.