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Funny school related picture of school friends studying in the hot tub. They laminated their finals study guides.

Funny pictures about Just Studying For Finals. Oh, and cool pics about Just Studying For Finals. Also, Just Studying For Finals photos.

I love how concerned Shawn is about Juliet

I Love he's so protective of her ^_^ oh my wonderful Shules

im laughing out loud at 3am 😂😂😂😂 this is effin gold!

If I remember correctly at the end of CoHF jace says that he wants to be a Herondale anyway sos

You have to read the book to understand this conversation// heroes of olympus

Hahahaha only people who read book in the first series would understand this!<------ "Darn you deformed acorn so cryptic in your young hip ways"- Zoe Nightshade

Percy what is your favorite Pun????

His puns are deadlier than his sword, I swear to Zeus. -Nico <<< Percy Jackson and his puns.