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Woman teaching geometry to monks?. it's unusual to see women represented as teachers! BL Burney 275 f. 293 r, 14th c  vía @Libroantiguo..

An unusual medieval representation of a women teaching a group of men how to use a compass to measure distances on a diagram.

The Seven Stages of Alchemical Transformation - Alchemy Infographic, Spiritual Lesson, Spiritual Infographic, Occult Infographic, Witchcraft Infographic

The Seven Stages of Alchemical Transformation: A Spiritual Metaphor (Infographic)

A really wonderful infographic that captures so much good information on alchemy and the ideas at the core of the All Souls Trilogy.

Maastricht 148r

Stowe MS 17 quarter of the century, Book of Hours, Use of Maastricht ('The Maastricht Hours') Folio

Illuminated Manuscript, Van Alphen Hours, Initial H with Souls cast into Hellmouth, Walters Manuscript W.782, fol. 113r  This Dutch Book of Hours was made for a female patron, possibly pictured on fol. 109r, in the mid fifteenth century. Originally richly illuminated by the workshop of the Master of Catherine of Cleves, the manuscript now lacks all of its full-page miniatures, although the eight surviving historiated initials speak to its original grandeur... Walters Art Museum

wk 15 Illuminated Manuscript, Van Alphen Hours, Initial H with Souls cast into Hellmouth, Walters Manuscript fol.

Detail. Wild goats, horns interlocked. -- From "The Ashmole Bestiary", MS. Ashmole 1511, Folio 20v (Bodleian Library)

Medieval Bestiary : Goat Gallery An elegant symmetrical illumination featuring two goats (dancing?

False prophets (Revelation 16, 13) ‘Queen Mary Apocalypse’, London 14th century. British Library. In medieval Europe the frog was a symbol of the devil due to the Catholic church associating the frog as one of the animals witches use as a familiar.

Unclean spirits issuing from the mouths of False prophets (Revelation Queen Mary Apocalypse, century, London. British Library, Royal MS 19 B XV fol.

Rare selfie from medieval decorator: Rufillus

Rare self-portrait of a medieval artist While a lot of medieval manuscripts with colourful drawings survive, we are usually not shown the artists who decorated the pages. This image is therefore exceptional, because it does. In fact, we see him.

Mark A. Reynolds

octagon graph paper steps to drawing a design with symmetrical balance on graph paper .