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¿Quieres saborear lo zhukulento del fan art Destiel? Estas en el luga… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Destiel Fan Art [Everywhere]

16 GIFs of the Most Hilarious Kiss Cam Goofs Ever from GifGuide. I didn't even go to the site, this GIF alone was worth the pin! That guys face was PRICELESS

Marathon cheerleaders.  This is great!  "Worst parade ever". Ha ha (snort)

Standing Is Hard

Worst parade ever! haha hilarious marathon signs for runners and people who love road races!



actually i think that the term "ginger" might have come from Gilligan's island. One of the characters was named Ginger and she has very red hair. and strawberry blond probably came from the pinkish tint.

So true

Generation gap in a picture… Yep.the guy playing with the legos would be me.the other kid would be my brother.

It Was A Good Burn, But He Still Wasn't Very Good At What He Did... #lol #haha #funny

23 Epic Burns That Will Put You In The Burn Unit these are funny but the Demi lavato one will always be my fav!


Redneck summer games -- oh my, plungers and toilet seats for horseshoe toss

but seriously.  But with my aim, I'd probably hit my wall so I guess I'd just end up at home anyway ;)

Travel to wherever it lands…

Funny pictures about Travel to wherever it lands. Oh, and cool pics about Travel to wherever it lands. Also, Travel to wherever it lands.

Oh my god!!! If later on they start an argument they will certainly stop in the middle of their sentences and look awkwardly at each other remembering they had to hold hands for an hour once. Will this create a bond between them??

Can’t find a better punishment than this. These guys were found fighting inside the school As a punishment for fighting, they were given a choice. The options? Suspension or holding hands for an hour. Though in my experience they'd rather get suspended.