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Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtles, Maui, HawaiiSpent the day at a turtle cleaning station where green sea turtles come to have the fish clean their shells of algae.

Sea Fans

Sea Fans, The Republic of Palau

Gray Shark

Gray Shark at Blue Corner, one of many that were all around us as we hung on a reef hook.

Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle, Maui, HawaiiI found this little guy on the westside of the island at a turtle cleaning station.

Slipper Lobster

Slipper by Sherry Ringer

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Gran Barrera de Coral. Tiburón de arrecife. Se los reconoce por su color pardo. Aunque no lo parezca, son inofensivos.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A Silver Tip shark swimming in the great Barrier Reef Australia. I want to swim with the sharks!

Spinner Dolphins

Maui, HawaiiThese two were inseparable as they cruised the reef.

Manta Ray

Manta Rays Maui, HawaiiWhat a dive. We found 14 mantas circling the manta cleaning station just before dark.

Yellow tang

Yellow Tang [ Zebrasoma flavescens] at the Bristol Zoo, Bristol, England. This is the character Bubbles in the film “Finding Nemo”. This usually placid Yellow-Tang can erect spines in its tail and slash at its opponent with rapid sideways movements.