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تذكر دائما ان الله يراك

تذكر دائما ان الله يراك

Different veils worn by Muslim women around the world.  Hijab, from my understanding, also has a more deeper meaning than only to refer to the covering of a women's head.  It also refers to a muslim's modesty both of men and women.

Different veils worn by Muslim women around the world

A Guide to Islamic Head Coverings (not everything is a burqa) It is a gesture of respect, not submission.

This is the confession of an earlier pinner and it touches my heart...Alhamdulillah! → "Benefits of Ayat ul Kursi. I doubted myself when it came to saying this ayat, now I can remember it more than the words of salat, that were engraved into my brain as a child. Ask, Ya Alllah, please help me. I say it before bed, and the feeling you get is indescribable. Subhunallah. If i can you can too, Inshallah."

Subhanallah it is such a beautiful ayat it is worth learning and the rewards are bountiful

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! My dear Allah, to You only I beg. To You only I bow. Please be happy with me when we meet.

DesertRose:::This infographic illustrates some of the mathematical miracles of The Noble Qur'an. Helping prove that it could not have been written by any other but Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala.

My kind of religion! Dalai Lama #quotes For us "anti-religious" people...here's…

My kind of religion! Dalai Lama quotes For us "anti-religious" people.here's one that works!