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eridan_ampora_by_whim_dolld4u5nkp.png (500×500)

eridan_ampora_by_whim_dolld4u5nkp.png (500×500)

fef sundae.... with an eridan cherry on top ---E that's actually quite cute<<< Don't you mean a... CHERIDAN?

Homestuck - Eridan Ampora x Feferi Peixes - EriFef

poor eridan i wish he was not portrayed as such a bad person i believe he has a big heart but hides it because he is afraid to get hurt (you are not hopeless )

homestuck - uh yes please i would love an ampora on me somewhere thanks

Feferi and Eridan :3

Viria draws amazing, I love her homestuck and Percy Jackson art

V/T by ThatsMyM0j0

Homestuck - Eridan Ampora x Sollux Captor - EriSol

Eridan -- Homestuck

silisboo: “ i was going to sleep… but then i had sudden eridan feelings.

Eridan Ampora and Feferi Peixes :'(

I don't hate Eridan. What he did is almost inexcusable, but I am equally upset (but also more terrified of) with Gamzee.

I will never not repin, reblog, or like homestuck characters playing musical instruments  (That's a viola right?  Looks too big to be a violin)

Eridan playing a violin for some reason. <<-- because deep down he's sophisticated, illustriously rococo noble, and Sherlocked, that's why (-:B my Ampora is amazing

*sniffs* Black Butler just killed my feels but this kawaii Eridan makes it all better :3

oh look it’s Baby Eridan when magic was real and hair gel and genocide yet to be discovered (he looks oddly like my dad-ish and some kid who would beat the shiz out of you in any video game and dungeons and dragons)