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Arianna Huffington: Mindfulness, Meditation, Wellness and Their Connection to Corporate America's Bottom Line

LASER POWER A brief blast of laser light spurs mouse dental cells, shown here in false color growing in a scaffold, to begin turning into cells that form dentin, the tough inner material of teeth. Arany et al/Science Translational Medicine

Our teeth tell the tale of good or bad health. Very eye-opening and informative...with help and healing for cavities and other dental diseases...

Can we be well fed, but malnourished? The teeth tell the tale.

Crooked teeth conditions have become rampant today. The most visible are overly crowded, cross bite, overbite, and open bite conditions.

My Natural Self-Care Dental Routine based on the research of Dr. Weston A. Price.

My Natural Self-Care Dental Routine

La bacteria de las endodoncias destruye los glóbulos blancos, por esa razón es que la endodoncia puede albergar una infección crónica http://articulos.mercola.com/sitios/articulos/archivo/2015/05/31/dientes-toxicos-endodoncias.aspx?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=facebookmercolaesp_ranart&utm_campaign=20170409_dientes-toxicos-endodoncias

Este dentista se negó a practicar endodoncias dentales durante 20 años – aquí la razón

Toxic Tooth—How a Root Canal Could Be Making You Sick Bacteria from infected root canals destroy white blood cells designed to eliminate them, which is why root canal teeth can harbor such chronic infection.

4 Ways To Remove Teeth Plaque At Home NaturallyPositiveMed | Stay Healthy. Live Happy

Remove Tartar Buildup FAST With These 4 Natural Ingredients!

Video shows 3 best ways to remove teeth plaque or tartar at home without visiting a dentist for your dental cleaning. Remedies For Strong and White Teeth: ht.

Who knew sitting on the toilet was bad for you? In her best-selling book Charming Bowels, microbiologist Giulia Enders explains how to go to the loo

The truth about poo: we’re doing it wrong

Health & wellbeing The truth about poo: we’re doing it wrong Who knew sitting on the toilet was bad for you? In her best-selling book Charming Bowels, microbiologist Giulia Enders explains how to go to the loo

The most important thing in the fight against the gum disease is the healthy nutrition, and it is not just important to the oral health, but it is also to the general well-being and health. 85 percent of the adults in America suffer from some kind of gum disease, and 50 percent of the Americans have periodontitis. Of those diagnosed, just three percent search treatment, putting the other at risk for many serious health problems. 8 natural remedies for gum disease Baking Soda Mix baking soda…

The Gum Disease is a Silent Killer! Here Are 8 Home Remedies to Heal It!

Gum disease, the silent killer: 7 simple home remedies to cure it naturally. Healthy nutrition may be key to helping fight gum disease, which is not only important to oral health, but also to general health and well being.

How Root Canals Severely Affect Your Health

How Root Canals Severely Affect Your Health. When you hear the term ‘root canal’ the majority of us automatically resort to thoughts of the pain that we have either directly experienced or vicariously heard to be associated with the procedure.

Tony shows you how to regenerate your teeth using only 2 teaspoons of TriSodium Phosphate (TSP), 6 tablespoons of Baking Soda and 16-24oz of distilled water....

Thomas Levy, MD - Vitamin C Past, Present, Future Applications-cure to all known virus, bacterial infections.