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Come autoprodurre la pasta madre, pasta acida o lievito naturale

The natural yeast was discarded in the for the more practical and convenient synthetic or commercial yeast that can raise dough faster.

Torta rustica ricotta e carciofi

Torta rustica ricotta e carciofi

Ricotta, Reading, Pane, Books, Pizzas, Rustic Pie

tips on reheating frozen fried foods: reheat the oven to 400 - 425, and put the food in frozen, and let heat for about 20 minutes (or until heated through)

What Are the Best Foods to Deep-Fry, Freeze, and Reheat? — Good Questions

Spicy Chicken Flautas with Lime Sour Cream. just a little tip - use Greek yogurt instead of Sour Cream for the Lime Sour Cream sauce

Peperoni ripieni al forno

Peperoni ripieni al forno

Involtini di pollo e zucchine

Involtini di pollo e zucchine /Secondo Piatto

Health benefits of natural yeast and recipes

Expert on Natural Yeast: Backyard Renaissance with Caleb Warnock: A Natural History of Yeast, and Why It Matters

Stuffing Bread from natural yeast.  For turkey sandwiches or to make stuffing from scratch.  The Bread Geek.

Thanksgiving Herb Loaf (aka Stuffing Bread) with homemade sourdough starter

Did you know you can make your own homemade butter in a KitchenAid mixer or food processor?!! It is fun & easy and tastes SO much better than the store bought stuff!

How to Make Homemade Butter

milk (optional) 1 quart heavy cream teaspoon salt How to make homemade butter in a stand mixer. I seriously cannot believe how easy this is! It costs less, tastes better, is fun to do with kids and it makes buttermilk too!

How to Make Fermented Vegetables

How Fermented Foods and Probiotic Supplements Can Help Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain - Integrative Women's Health Institute