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byther: “ByTheR- Darkness on the side htttp://en.

-obscura-: “Hyakinth Spring Summer 2012 by Lukasz Brzeskiewicz ”


slobbering:The devil’s due .by Ashref

magicisvitam: “ Haunting photography by Daniel Vazquez (American Ghoul) ”

Grim, as silent as the grave. Death, untold and surely forbade.

After Alex had fled to the bottom of the sea, Mick would stand out on the rocks nearly everyday looking for even a clue that she's out there and still alive. None the less, no luck.

As he stood there blind to the other side of the sea he realised it was his life he was blind about

(6) Tumblr

"whiskey voices, black & grey tattoos, electroclash, lee falks the phantom and horror photography delights my soul"

universe of chaos

Drawing Manga pose - Free Pose book in my moble

Graphic Art Dump - Album on Imgur

Graphic Art Dump - Album on Imgur

Reminds me of the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.

You know the rules! You fall in love - you lose!

... Dark - Reaper ...

Grim Reaper is symbols for death or something evil.

Places, & time to go...

Once Upon A Midnite Dreary. While I Pondered Weak And Weary.

nero---➽ nigrum➽μαύρος➽black➽negro➽schwarz➽黑➽ أسود

GryuLich -by Alice Auaa


This picture shows great contrast because one woman is in white and the other is in black. Seriously Ruined: MARY ELIZABETH & MAXINE ANASTASIA // By Lucia O'Connor McCarthy


Creative photography by Ibai Acevedo

Will Graham #hannibal

Will Graham in Hannibal

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Gryffinclaw More Cross-house queer relationships pls