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VERY smart man..

All men: take note from this real man! 👍💝 His girlfriend or wife is a lucky woman to have someone so thoughtful. So the rest of you, please ! Take note from these men

This is exactly how I feel! I guess I just didn't realize it until now! haha

Stepping out of the hair salon. This seriously made me laugh! Exactly how I felt yesterday!

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yep - my parents pretty much did this to me, and I fully intend to pass a little dysfunction to nugget.

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The Moose knuckle.men should never ever wear skinny jeans. I cant get over seeing the outline of his penis! Don't you have a mirror?


People who eat healthy balanced meals vs. People who wish this was really pie

i hate the "r" word, but so true!

hahahahahahaha YES.although i don't like the use of the word retards, this is totally me!